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First Round Numbers
brazil 2014
prettyannamoon wrote in brazil2014
The first round of applications for World Cup 2014 tickets is officially closed. Applicants can expect to find out whether or not their bid was successful between now and November 4th.

FIFA has also provided lots of numbers regarding ticket demand, which I find kinda fascinating. Almost six million tickets have been requested in the first sales round total, double the number of tickets actually available. Brazilian residents have submitted the vast majority, accounting for almost 4.5 million of the requests. The top ten nations requesting tickets are as follows:

1. Brazil (4,368,029)
2. USA (374,065)
3. Argentina (266,937)
4. Germany (134,899)
5. Chile (102,288)
6. England (96,780)
7. Australia (88,082)
8. Japan (69,806)
9. Colombia (55,379)
10. Canada (49,968)

Two things of note here - Americans surpassed Argentinians in requests (earlier, the places had been swapped) and Canadians are in the top ten, despite failing to qualify.

FIFA's website also shows how high demand has been for each individual game. Since only Brazil has been seeded so far (in the A1 spot), fans are bidding on all non-Brazil matches solely by venue. Once you get into the round of sixteen and beyond, every game in every price category is in high demand, but the group round shows some (mostly predictable) patterns.

Tickets for games in Rio, Sao Paulo and Curitiba are in highest demand. For every match and in all price categories, FIFA has rated demand as "high".

Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, and Brasilia are the next group. Tickets for these stadiums are in high demand, but there are still a few games or price categories where you might have some luck.

Salvador and Fortaleza come in third. Salvador has more demand across the board, but Fortaleza's bump comes for the fact Brazil will be playing there in the group stage. You'll have better odds getting tickets to the last two matches played in Fortaleza.

Natal and Recife are in medium demand, with certain price categories still relatively open.

Finally (and unsurprisingly), distant Manaus and Cuiaba come in fifth, with the least demand. Demand is medium to low in these two cities. If I wasn't set on following my team, this could be a fun vacation combination - cruising the Amazon and exploring the Pantanal sounds like a great way to spend time between games.

Finally, and of most interest to me, is the information on Team Specific Ticketing. I find what the team specific ticket-demand suggests about fans of different nations to be really interesting.

Argentina actually has the highest demand for TSTs across the board, even more so than Brazil. (Argentina is currently third in overall bidding, behind Brazil and the USA.) Proximity and high hopes for the team are obviously factors for Argentina fans. Brazil TSTs are in high demand as well, but I think Argentina probably beat them out as more Brazilians will attend local games than follow their team around the country. Chileans are eager to come through the semi-finals, but are more likely to bid on cheaper tickets. Colombians are bidding through the semis as well and are also showing interest in tickets through the finals at all price levels.

Team USA fans are excited but realistic about their chances. (The notable lack of vacation time offered to Americans may also play a part here.) There's high demand for group stage and round of sixteen tickets. Tickets through the finals are also in medium demand. FIFA must be praying Mexico makes it - there's high demand for the most expensive group round tickets, but Mexicans are also willing to follow their team through the quarter-finals. Wishful thinking for a country that has yet to qualify?

Meanwhile, European fans seem more willing to stay for the entirety of the tournament. Traveling such a long distance, more vacation time, and good results at past tournaments might be factors at play here. However, Europeans are also more likely to bid on the cheapest tickets - is this an effect of planning an extended stay or the economy?

Germans are bidding on tickets, but don't want to splash a lot of cash. There's medium demand for group stage tickets and tickets through to the final at all price levels, as well as for the cheapest round of sixteen tickets. There's high demand for the cheap tickets through to the final. Italians are similarly budget-conscious. The highest demand is for mid-priced tickets to the group stage games, but there's also some interest in the cheap tickets for all seven possible games. The few Spaniards who are applying are going all in. The only category with medium demand for Spain are tickets through the finals, in the expensive and cheap categories.

Belgium and the Netherlands break the trend, with medium to high interest in the group stage only. And typically, the English don't follow continental patterns. Fans of the Three Lions are most interested in group play and finals tickets, with medium demand for both in most price categories.

The Asian Football Conference is showing above-average interest in making the trip as well. Australians are looking to come for the group stage and round of sixteen, with medium demand for the most expensive tickets to the finals. The Japanese want to come for the group stage only, with high demand for tickets in the expensive and mid-level categories.

Feeling hopeful about your chances? Considering using this info to change your ticket requests in the next round? Let me know below!


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